Managing teachers in MARK

Changing the Access Coordinator

If you are not the Access Co-ordinator, you will need to request the role from the existing Access Co-ordinator.
The existing Access Co-ordinator should:

1. Navigate to the Schools tab, where all the buttons should be active.
2. Select ‘Nominate AC’.
3. Choose another teacher from the dropdown list of teachers within the school.
4. The new Access Co-coordinator will receive a series of emails asking him/her to confirm that he/she will be the new Access Co-ordinator.


Adding new teachers to MARK

On entering the site, navigate to the ‘Teacher’ tab underneath ‘Manage’ in the navigation bar on the left-hand side and then click the ‘Add teacher’ button on the bottom right-hand side.

See pages 8-10 in the set up guide for step by step instructions.


Amending teacher’s details in MARK

See page 10 in the set up guide for step by step instructions.


Managing pupils in MARK

Promoting pupils

The Access Co-ordinator can promote year groups up the school at the end of the year – moving this year’s Reception class into Year 1, and so on.

Click here to download a simple guide to promoting year groups, as well as information on managing groups.


Editing pupils

You can either edit pupils using the ‘Edit Pupil’ function in MARK, or using a CSV (useful if editing more than a few at once).

See pages 15-16 in the set up guide for step by step instructions.


Deleting pupils

The delete function is currently disabled on MARK whilst we are working on some updates for it. Soon the users that you untick as ‘active’ will be removed from the same window as the active users. They will instead appear in a new window of ‘unactive users’. This is a form of soft deletion in case a mistake has been made. Once they are inactive they will no longer be able to login to our sites and will after a period of time be deleted completely.

If you need someone permanently deleted before then you can untick them as ‘active’ and email our online support team to confirm their name so we can get them removed for you.