Managing users in MARK and Admin Hub 

There are now two areas that you can manage MARK from; the ‘Manage’ menu tab within MARK and the new Admin Hub which can be accessed using the new icon at the top right.

Admin Hub has been launched as a central site for schools to manage the set up and access of MARK in a secure, GDPR compliant location. There is additional functionality available in Admin Hub that allows schools complete tasks that were previously not possible in MARK, such as:

  • Sync your MIS data with MARK via Assembly
  • Delete teachers
  • Delete Pupils
  • View Leavers group

We highly recommend that you use Admin Hub to manage your MARK users from now on with the expectation that class management and promotion will become available in Admin Hub during 2019.


Changing the Access Coordinator

If you are not the Access Co-ordinator, you will need to request the role from the existing Access Co-ordinator.
The existing Access Co-ordinator should:

1. Navigate to the Schools tab, where all the buttons should be active.
2. Select ‘Nominate AC’.
3. Choose another teacher from the dropdown list of teachers within the school.
4. The new Access Co-coordinator will receive a series of emails asking him/her to confirm that he/she will be the new Access Co-ordinator.


Adding new teachers to MARK

See pages 13-16 in the set up guide for step by step instructions.


Amending teacher’s details in MARK

See pages 13-16 in the set up guide for step by step instructions.


Editing pupils

See pages 23-25 in the set up guide for step by step instructions.


Deleting pupils

See pages 25-27 in the set up guide for step by step instructions.


Promoting pupils

The Access Co-ordinator can promote year groups up the school at the end of the year – moving this year’s Reception class into Year 1, and so on.

Click here to download a simple guide to promoting year groups, as well as information on managing groups.