Interactive tests can be sat for the following assessments:

  • PiRA Key Stage 2 tests
  • PUMA Key Stage 2 tests
  • Key Stage 1 tests coming soon

These tests can be accessed via MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit).  View our step by step set up guide to find out how to get started on MARK.

To use the interactive tests, you will need to purchase credits on the Rising Stars website.  Each credit is the equivalent of one test, so for 50 pupils you would need 50 credits to sit one test.

You school’s MARK Access Coordinator will also need to grant you access to MARK to redeem your credits.  Visit the MARK login page and try to login to request access.

Once you have purchased your credits you will be able to redeem them by logging into MARK and visiting the ‘test assignment’ are of the site.


You can download a step-by-step interactive test user guide with further information on buying, assigning and managing interactive tests.


Interactive test FAQs

What are the differences between the print and interactive tests?

The print and online versions of the tests are identical, so schools are able to use them alongside each other. The interactive versions of the tests are accessed via MARK and are marked automatically so that teachers do not need to fill in the marksheets and can access MARK’s reports and analysis immediately, saving valuable time.


What happens if we lose our internet connection during a test?

If the internet connection is lost, your students will still be able to continue the test, as the whole test is downloaded when the test is started. You should ensure that the connection is re-established before clicking ‘End Test’, however, to ensure we receive the pupil’s answers.


What happens if the browser window is closed mid-test?

We save the pupil’s progress each time they move between questions. If the window is accidentally closed, they should re-enter the test as described in the Starting a test section, above. After entering the test code and verifying their date of birth, we will take them to the last point in the test at which we saved their progress.


Questions have been adapted for suitability to use on a screen rather than paper. We advise you to continue to maintain test conditions regardless of whether the tests are being completed on paper or on screen to ensure reliable results.