The Year 6 SATs are over, so what next for Year 5?

Thanks to Ruth Duckworth, Year 6 Teacher/Writing Lead at Christ Church C of E Primary School, for this really insightful piece full of handy hints and tips for transitioning your Year 5s into Year 6.

The Year 6 SATs are over for another year; writing pieces will soon complete the end of Key Stage 2 assessments and many staff will breathe more easily for a few weeks – until ‘data day’ in early July. So, many of you will be thinking about the next cohort to come into Year 6.

Transitioning from Year 5 into Year 6

Current good practice in many schools sees Year 5 pupils starting to work with their soon-to-be Year 6 teachers before the summer break. There may not be much of a break for teachers fresh from SATs cramming in the core subjects, but when the Year 6 teaching year is not ‘a year’ (with SATs in May), making accurate teacher assessments this summer term is vital.  Also, the building of close working relationships with pupils now, ready for September, can certainly be of great benefit for staff and pupils alike. In our case, Year 5 is a much more challenging cohort of pupils than the one we taught this year, both in terms of academics and behaviour. For the first time, we feel it necessary to greatly extend our usual ‘move-up day’ plans.  We scheduled end of Year 5 summer term assessment tests in late May, so we are now able to have a six-week block of consistent teaching and gap filling for Year 5 pupils in June and July. Our strong Year 6 staff team will be largely based in Year 5 in the mornings, from immediately after the half-term break.

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