The effects of age, gender and school type on primary maths and reading attainment

The effects of age, gender and school tupe on priamary maths and reading attainment

There is much discussion about the ways in which pupil and school characteristics can affect academic performance, but large-scale, high-quality data sets are often lacking, especially those providing termly results of pupils throughout every primary school year. A substantial proportion of primary schools in England are now using the PUMA (Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment) and PiRA (Progress in Reading Assessment) tests and entering test results in to MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit), a free online marksheet and reporting service for customers of the tests.

RS Assessment from Hodder Education have worked with SchoolDash to provide a high-level analysis of over one and a half million anonymous termly standardised test results from the MARK database, which is summarised in this paper.

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